Why hire a professional hair and beauty photographer?
If there is one thing that is going to set you apart from the crowd, it is investing in high quality professional photography. After all, it is these images that will win you awards, hang in your windows, grace the covers of top selling hair and beauty magazines and ultimately build the brand and name of your business. A professional photographer who specialises in hair and beauty will have the artistic eye to know what works and will be able to advise you in order to get the most out of your shoot.

Do we need a studio?
A photographic studio is always the best option, as it provides the largest space and inspiring atmosphere thats needed to produce award winning images. Depending on your budget and location, I will be able to advise you on the best studio to use. Alternatively, if you have a relatively large space, I may be able to bring the appropriate lighting and equipment with me to set up at your business premises. Many hairdressers and beauty salons choose to shoot at their own premises due to the fact that they have all their styling products and equipment to hand and prefer working in a familiar environment.

Do you have your own equipment?
Yes, the majority of the time, I use my own personal equipment for the entire shoot, along with hired back-up gear. I use top-of-the-range digital technology, cameras and lenses by Phase One, the world’s leader in open platform, medium format camera systems. Depending on the job and the clients requests, I can shoot at 40, 65 or 80 mega-pixels, creating images with more clarity and detail than any client will ever need. For lighting I use Elinchrom, the industry leader in photographic studio flash lighting. I bring a variety of soft boxes, beauty dishes, umbrellas and other forms of light modifiers and diffusers to every shoot, ensuring that the look and feel of each collection is unique and fitting with the brief. I also shoot tethered directly to an Apple Macbook Pro laptop, giving my clients large preview images instantly, from the moment the first shot is taken. I am also able to create a wireless network on a shoot, which enables clients to view the images as they are taken on their own devices such as an iPad or iPhone.

Do you offer Post-Production?
Yes, I optimise, colour correct and re-touch all my own images. The client can have input into the re-touching if requested, otherwise I can be left alone to re-touch an entire collection before I send it to the client for approval.

How are the final images delivered?
I shoot in RAW format, so from every shoot you can expect high resolution TIFF files, along with JPEG versions, giving you the highest quality formats for magazines and press. I always deliver a Master Copy of the final images in CD/DVD format, but for tight deadlines, I can also send high resolution images via FTP for instant download. The final TIFF files are then backed up and archived.

How can our photographs be used?
You have a license to use the images for the purposes of the shoot, along with submission to all British magazines and press. For worldwide distribution of images, please get in touch to discuss the options available to you.

Do you offer a complete package?
My service is the photo shoot itself, post production and delivery of the final images and supplying prints or posters/window displays for your business. In addition, I always offer my support and advice at every stage of a shoot, from the initial preparation, concept and model casting, right up until the final re-touching of images. Also, with strong links to the top creatives in the fashion industry, I can advise on which make-up artists, stylists, hairdressers and model agencies are the best ones to use for your shoot and concept. Alternatively, if you are looking for the ‘complete package shoot’, this can also be arranged, so please get in touch on 07812 563133 or email me with your requirements.